2022 Annual Report

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We had an exciting year here at Royal Jaarbeurs. In our 2022 annual report, you can read all about the milestones we reached, the activities we engaged in, the results we achieved, the positive impact we had on society, and how we worked together with our partners. We also offer insights into our finances, and present our financial statements. In addition, we are proud to share our first-ever sustainability report, which tells you more about our sustainability strategy and the projects we are rolling out to support it. We are proud of the great strides we have made on this front. Want to find out more? Download our reports.

Annual Report Sustainability Report

Jaarbeurs is buzzing

“A changing reality calls for innovative and sustainable choices”
Jeroen van Hooff

Royal Jaarbeurs CEO

What we’ve achieved

  • Major events
    trade fairs
  • Number of visitors
  • Revenue
    € 93,9
  • Catering
  • Total saved
    in catering
    846,1 tonnes

2022 highlights

Sustainability during La Vuelta Holanda Sustainability during La Vuelta Holanda Jaarbeurs was the official start location for the first stage of the team time trial during the 2022 La Vuelta Holanda. Just like us, La Vuelta Holanda is committed to sustainability. And that meant great strides ahead on that front.
Valuable encounters Valuable encounters After two years of inactivity, in 2022 we were able to get back to doing what we do best: creating valuable encounters. We organised trade fairs at home and abroad, facilitated guest events, developed platforms and launched new concepts.
Jaarbeurs Live app Jaarbeurs Live app By combining our experience and knowledge with the latest digital technologies, we added value to our events. We rolled out the Jaarbeurs Live app across the board and introduced an online event platform.
2022 UFI Sustainable Development Award 2022 UFI Sustainable Development Award Jaarbeurs won the 2022 UFI Sustainability Award both for making the range of food and beverages we offer more sustainable and for the way we combat food waste. Through various projects within Food & Food Waste, we cut carbon emissions with the ultimate goal of becoming carbon-neutral and, ideally, even carbon-positive.

What our partners are saying

Gemeente Utrecht
“Flexibility, inventiveness, and above all, putting people first—that is what makes Jaarbeurs a good neighbour and a valued partner to the City.”
Sharon Dijksma

Mayor of Utrecht

De Gouden kroon
“In 2022, we were finally able to get back to doing what we do best: taking care of guests.”
Michel Sturkenboom

Sous-chef at Jaarbeurs

“As they work together, Jaarbeurs and Greendish challenge and inspire each other. Jaarbeurs walks the talk, and that makes all the difference. We’re proud of this partnership!”
Michael Salmagne

Greendish director

“The visitors saw what a fantastic contribution the Spelderholt students were making.”
Martine van der Mast

Programme Director Institute 4 Preventive Health, EWUU Alliance