As a circular furniture manufacturer, we entered into a sustainable collaboration with Jaarbeurs in the past year. We made a conscious choice to make an impact within sustainable circular furniture packages. As a result, our unique Vepa chairs and stools, made of recycled plastic bottles, are appearing on the stands at trade fairs more and more often. Moreover, we not only do this with attention for renewable raw materials, environmental impact, and maintaining the ownership of the furniture. We also consciously aim to make a positive contribution to society. Therefore, we are very proud that we are making fantastic tabletops from recycled wood together with the WerkPro craftsmen. All the work takes place at our own workshop.

WerkPro provides opportunities for people and society. With its own social workshops, WerkPro offers work and assistance to people who need this. With this collaboration, we create opportunities for the WerkPro employees and help them take meaningful steps towards outflow, training, and paid jobs. This is completely in line with Vepa’s vision: just do it if you can! With these conscious choices, we are really working on making a broad positive societal impact. We would like to thank Jaarbeurs for this fruitful collaboration.

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