Laura (age 13) was the boss of Jaarbeurs for one day

No better way to inspire children to make use of their full potential then to let them be the boss for a day. JINC’s ‘Tomorrow’s Boss’ offers this opportunity to young people growing up in socio-economically disadvantaged neighbourhoods. During JINC ‘Tomorrow’s Boss’, these youngsters are picked up at school or at home and then allowed to take place on the chair of a CEO, director or politician for one day. They participate in meetings, have lunch with ‘Today’s Boss’, and research a specific topic. Thirteen-year-old Laura took place on the chair of CEO Jeroen van Hooff.
Jeroen picked Laura up at her school early in the morning. She received a warm welcome at Jaarbeurs, awarded a ‘sales award’ within our sales team, took a look behind the scenes at the Beatrix Theatre, and fantasised with event managers about her dream event. And to top it all off, she visited the musical ‘The Bodyguard’ together with her mother and younger sister. And that wasn’t all, at the end of the evening, she received two tickets for Heroes Dutch Comic Con as a surprise.
Superhero Laura
A few weeks later, Laura visited the spectacular summer edition of Heroes Dutch Comic Con together with 50,000 superheroes, cartoon figures, and elves. Laura transformed into her favourite cosplay personas: YouTuber Wilbur Soot and the second day as YouTuber Ranboo. “It was real fun, and I had a great time!”
Jeroen: “I have welcomed tomorrow’s bosses more often, but the interaction with Laura was exceptional. It was great to see Laura take a seat on my chair and to say a word of welcome together with Laura during our customer relationship event.”

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